Makes Life Taste Better

Over the years, we served many food industries and restaurants to enhance their products taste


We have variety of seasoning products for snack such as (potato & cassava) chips, corn and tortilla chips, extruded (pellets & direct expansion) types, biscuits, fried and roasted nuts, traditional and ethnic snacks like kerupuk, pilus, atom, sukro, pang-pang, opak, etc. These also include chicken breader for hotels, restaurant, kiosks, and catering.


Our R&D team of experts creates the desired tastes on a tailor fit basis. Always having the consumers in mind, our experts create products at the highest possible quality with reasonable budgets. We understand the people taste, so we develop tastes that suit the general consumer.


We provide high quality spices from the natural source. Our variety spices powder are Chilli powder, Chili “rawit”, Paprika, Black pepper, Onion powder, Garlic powder, Jalapeno, etc


Our natural oils comes from natural ingredient. Add these to your recipe to enhance the aroma of your cooking or snacks. We have many variety of oil to enhance your food, like Garlic oil, Onion oil, Strawberry oil, Cheese oil, Shrimp oil, Orange oil, Soto Oil, etc

Texture & Flavour Improvers

Our texture and flavour improvers are well known among the snack industries in Indonesia. We have three main products: Crispy #6, Crispy #8, Potato Internal

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Drink Mixes

Our drink powder comes from natural ingredients. Mix it with other ready to drink product to make your drink creation, or simply add a fresh fruit to enhance the natural flavour. You will have a fresh beverage to complete your menu. We offer a variety flavoured tea, milk shake, coffee, and fruit.

Free trials and product samples

Wherever you run your bussiness, our marketing and R&D team are ready to give you free product samples and provide technical expertise for the development of your seasoning products, snack requirements, and food processing machineries.

Best time production

Your customer satisfaction is our concern and you don’t need to worry about run-out stock. Our quality assurance always control the quality of your product to meet our standard and produce it in our best time.


Just like a tailor that make clothes to fit only your body, we also make every products to fit your taste. Our R&D team ready to cooperate until you are fully satisfied with the total taste and structures of your product expectations. Ready to create your flavourful custom blend seasoning? Please drop your messages by filling out this form or chat our customer service via WhatsApp.

We will reply your message soon on our service hours. Please provide your email or phone number for us to reply your messages. You can directly chat us via WhatsApp by click the button below.

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